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Welcome to the virtual database of Black Russian Terriers !

Welcome to the site dedicated to a wonderful dog breed - Black Russian Terriers. This site is created for every serious BRT fancier and all people who like ``the blackies``.

Database section contains a virtual breed database of Black Russian Terriers, where information about BRTs is presented in an easy-to-view format. The database is updated often, thanks to the efforts of the many breed fans who send new data.

Shows section is created to easily enter and display the results of BRT dog shows. The data in this section is linked with the Database.

Kennels section represents the kennels breeding Black Russian Terriers.

Statistics section represents some statistics based on the database data.

Archive section contains scans of documents according to the breed and its history.


This Database could not have been created and maintained without a lot of work by many people who gave, and continue to provide, the priceless information about Black Russian Terriers. It would have been impossible to mention everyone, however, we'd like to thank them all, and highlight the special contributions of the following people::

  • Kirillova Natalia, Novosibirsk
  • Lushnikova Natalia, Nizhniy Novgorod
  • Ashastina Tatiana, Moscow
  • Erugin Vjacheslav Konstantinovich, Moscow
  • Terentyeva Anna, Ural
  • Bochkovskaya Aleksandra, Ukraine
  • Sharapova Elena Borisovna, Moscow
  • Fastov Eugeniy, Estonia
  • Krasova Olga, St.Peterburg
  • Gertsman Elvira, Samara
  • Fedyuk Natalia, Samara
  • Danilenko Marina, Samara
  • Goratchek Alexandra, Sweden
  • Vatolina Olga, Penza
  • Lifshits Veronica, Angarsk
  • Zakharova Larisa vladislavovna, St.Petersburg
  • Medvedskiy Victor, Rostov-na-Donu
  • Leontyeva Marina, Moscow
  • Nedelko Irina, Vladivostok
  • Shuster Marina, Nikolaev
  • Pavlenko Irina, Khabarovsk
  • Patrycja Spotan, Poland
  • Katarzyna Sokolska, Poland
  • Ivan Stalev, Bulgaria
  • Lashkova Olga Nikolaevna, Novosibirsk

Additionally, our big thanks to E.V.Golovina, President of National Breed Club ''Moskovskaya Storozhevaya'' for rare shows catalog of 50th-60th !

And a special thanks to the Alexandr Feigin for the permission to use the photo of his wonderful dog WW Vsevolod s Zolotogo Grada for the database design.

Dogs in base: 32645

Ish Ty, Kakoj S Zolotogo Grada

Tagilskaya Skazka Baskij Ja

Barents Night Gold Strike Koba

Best Guard Monomakh

Utrjen'njaja Zvjezda iz Grada Petrova

07.03.2015, Tolyatti

14.03.2015, Perm

- 2015
14.03.2015, Angarsk

- 2015
14.03.2015, Angarsk

07.03.2015, Chelyabinsk

10 sires, having biggest number of offspring in the base

Arbat Bahrai

284 Offspring in base

Nikola Gorynich s Zolotogo Grada

235 Offspring in base

Razboynik Yashkin Sin

230 Offspring in base


226 Offspring in base

Sibirski Medved Razgulyay Stavr Godinovich

218 Offspring in base

Zlato Bojar Gavrila Ladin Syn

204 Offspring in base

Kastor Werda

189 Offspring in base

Jashka Malahovskiy iz Russkoy Dynastii

182 Offspring in base

Karabas Barabas iz Chigasovo

177 Offspring in base

Bart Barbi s Bronnich

172 Offspring in base